All residents at Hare Krishna Valley have dedicated their lives to practicing the process of Bhakti Yoga, and are happy to share their experiences and realisations with all of our guests.

Keshava – Retreat Centre Manager
Keshava has been managing Hare Krishna Valley for the past 9 years, and enjoys facilitating the spiritual development and growth of the guests who stay here. He has been a Bhakti-yoga practitioner for 27 years, and regularly teaches meditation and ancient wisdom both in Australia and overseas.

Along with her husband Keshava, she has been integral in developing Hare Krishna Valley into a role model spiritual community for the betterment of humanity. She is passionate about cow protection, organic gardening and eco living, and demonstrating a positive example of a sustainable lifestyle.

Our agricultural manager can be found out on the farm each day taking care of the cows, planting crops and taking care of the general maintenance of the property. Being a ‘jack of all trades’, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and teaching them his various skills.

With her warm and personable manner, she looks after the many guests who pass through our community and assists them in developing their spiritual potential. She is a talent in the kitchen, and often facilitates vegetarian cooking classes and demonstrations.

Dayal Nitai – Our resident chef.
You can always find him in the kitchen developing new recipes and preserving the fruits and vegetables grown in our organic garden. He has a natural ability to grow herbs and prepare healing balms, and is currently finishing his degree in herbal sciences.

She oversees the planting and propagation of the market garden at the Valley. She has an infectious enthusiasm for gardening, composting and bee keeping, and is a wealth of knowledge regarding organic gardening techniques, conducting tours of the garden for interested visitors.