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We’ve Got Some Real Sweet Deals For You…

If You Need To Take Some Time Out For Relaxation, This 4 Day Wellness Retreat Will Be Perfect For You!

If you’re looking to do something unique, different and meaningful to get you back on track, then come and spend a week with us in the foothills of the pristine Otway Ranges.

The Complete Self-Improvement 4 Day Retreat might be the answer to your prayers!

Friday July 22nd to Monday 25th, 2022, @ Krishna’s Otway Retreat, Bambra, Victoria, 3241.

This is the perfect gift for you or for someone special who is looking for a fresh change in 2022.

Together we’ll focus on the most important areas of your wellness journey, including:

* Physical Excellence
* Emotional Satisfaction
* Relationship Success
* Living With Abundance
* Spiritual Growth

What will the Complete Self-Improvement 4 Day Retreat involve?

You’ll experience relaxed, fun and informative workshops based upon the ancient science of yoga and ayurveda. This retreat will allow you to take time away from the hassles of daily life to focus on your physical and emotional health.

Set on 200 acres in the foothills of the Otway Ranges, our retreat centre is an ideal place to spend a week eating delicious vegetarian/vegan food, meeting cool people and focusing on your wellbeing.

This retreat runs over 4 days and 3 nights
from Frday July 22nd to Monday 25th, 2022.

As well as learning the secrets of a balanced lifestyle from our ashram leader, Keshava Jenkins, you will experience the physical and mental health benefits of yoga, with yoga classes lead by master instructor Swarupa Shakti.

Classes include elaborate tuition, useful hints and lifestyle information and history, with the emphasis being on simplicity and fun. Detailed printed notes are provided.

The Complete Self-Improvement 4 Day Retreat combines the timeless wisdom of ancient India with the modern world to achieve the positive mindset we are striving to find in our daily lives.

This retreat affords us the opportunity to enter into the heart of Mother Nature and allows time to concentrate on a more meaningful existence in the company of other seekers of inner satisfaction.

The Complete Self-Improvement 4 Day Retreat will give you the opportunity to participate in mantra meditation, early-morning yoga, health and wellbeing discussions, bush walks, delicious home-made vegetarian/vegan meals, dynamic kirtan and deep relaxation.

The workshops will be led by our team of experts who have been participating in and teaching the spiritual way of life for the past three decades. Their open and loving mood of facilitation allows every individual to feel comfortable and valued during the entire retreat.

The Complete Self-Improvement 4 Day Retreat provides the perfect balance between workshops and getting your hands dirty on the farm, allowing you to develop the wisdom and strength to live your life to it’s fullest potential.

The retreat includes:

• Participatory health and wellbeing seminars
• Workshops on the benefits of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle
• Morning yoga classes
• Mouth watering vegetarian/vegan meals from Monday lunch to Saturday lunch
• Discussions on mantra meditation, pranayama and yoga
• An introduction to bhakti yoga and kirtan
• 3 nights cozy accommodation
• A farm tour of our organic vege patch and eco-house
• Daily karma-yoga – A chance to get your hands dirty on the farm helping look after our cows and our market garden
• Time for a stroll in the surrounding State forest

Here’s a testimonial from Jake Edwards, who trained under our guidance in 2021.

Jake Edwards, MAFS Star/Reality TV Celebrity

When I first met Keshava I was a broken soul and looking to find myself once again.

My previous 6 months had been extremely challenging and I was looking for a higher connection to self.

After completing the first couple of lessons of the Complete Self-Improvement Bootcamp, I immediately felt more aligned than I ever had before.

The course is easy to navigate and the lessons are filled with golden takeaways from Keshava himself as he guides you through the exercises and their meaning to find inner peace.

I couldn’t recommend this program enough for anyone who is looking to connect to a higher self and find inner peace.


To obtain more information or to register please contact Keshava on 0405 577 453 or email [email protected].

We look forward to seeing at the retreat…


With peace,

Keshava and Swarupa